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 I like mornings better, if my mornings start with you

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MessageSujet: I like mornings better, if my mornings start with you   Sam 9 Juil - 18:18

I like mornings better,
if my mornings start with you

In Grant Douglas Ward's Kitchen with Skye aka Daisy Johnson, in the evening.

Adults contains

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Skye opened the door, and, saw immediately Grant. His boyfriend. Yaa, it was strange for her to think that Grant wass her boyfriend but it was the reality. Only think to him was dragging her heart to beat more. She couldn't even think how it happened. She was knowing that she hated him. She was hating him because he betrayed the team, he betrayed Coulson, May, FitzSimmons and especially her. She never understand why she was attracted by him even if he was her SO. After all, if he was hot, he had also darkness in him as she could see when they find the berseker staff. She was knowing that it was something else, but, she could never think that he was a traitor, that he was loyal to John, to HYDRA. She wanted him dead, she wanted him in jail. It wasn't love which push her to Grant, not even compassion. He sould go to jail. He was going to and she pleaded with Coulson to do it, to close the door behing him. Coulson accepted. Of course. He didn't have the choice, didn't think he have the choice with her to wanted it. She told him that she needed it and Coulson understood. However, no one could predict what happened next. The convoy was attacked and she was going to die. But Grand was here, and, he saved her. So, when he asked her if she wanted to run with him, she didn't know what to say, but, finally she sayed one word which seal her destiny : yes.

Time passed. And, now, after three months she was still with him, in his side. She knew that SHIELD was after them, and, she couldn't stop thinking to the team. It was like that, she thought to them for a moment, crying intro Grant took her in his arms and sayed her that it was okay. He was always here for her without saying a word first, just here in order to wait for her. She couldn't stop fixing him. He was in the kitchen, cooking and she just could see who he was. He wasn't just the traitor for her. Not anymore. There was something else between them. Suddenly, he turned on his heel and saw her looking at him.

« - Hey.
- Hey. What are you doing ?
- Pancakes. Do you want ?
- Well... »

She came closer to him, looking at the pancakes. A smile on her face.

« - ... you know you didn't have to cook.
- I know but I want it... I guess I want to feel like home. »

She really understood the feeling. And she loved it more to be like that.

« - You're going to kill me if you keep looking at me like that.
- I don't wan't to kill you.
- So what do you want ? »

Kiss you. She kissed him. Her lips against his lips. He kissed her more and she has to stand up on her tip toes to reach him, grabbing hold of his neck for better balance. Close. So close. Pushed by Grant against the bar. Her fingers ran throught his black hair. Adrenaline was pumping throught her as she deepened the kiss. Their tongues fighthing for dominance. A moan escaped Grant's lips as his hands gripped her hips. Her legs automatically wrapping around his waist. They continued to kiss, forgot the necessity to breathe into the end. A smile on her lips.

« - You know what I want, Grant. »

She knew he liked when she sayed his name like that. Did in that purpose. Grapping his hand in order to go to their bedroom. They never had the time to go to. Her feet taken in the the carpet, they fell in a same movement. He caught her in his arms, kissing her neck. Then, he moved his hand from her side to the bottom oh her red dress. She felt every nerve un her alive with the touch of his lips against her skin. He began kissing her gut before kissing his way up her leg until he reached her pulsing core. Her underwear on the ground before he slid two digits inside her. She felt her fingers slind inter her. Skye couldn't stop feeling. A gasp escaped her throat. Her eyes looking at him. She could see that he liked see her like this, that he took pleasure out of it. But she could also see that he isn't in rest, her fingers moving near to his crotch. But he continued to thrust his fingers into her into she felt an orgasm for her pleasure. When he slowy pulled his fingers from inside her, she could only kiss him. As she knew he could torture her, she knew she can too. She wrapped her legs around his waist before her hands pulled his shirt off. Her lips collide with his once again. Then, she continued trailing kiss down his torso until she reached to top of jeans. She quickly removed his jeans with his boxer, a coy smile on her face. His boots join her dress on the ground. She fixed him one second before wrapped a hand around his cock. Skye, then, started pumping him into he moaned her name. She could feel him, removing her hand into feeling his erection against her naked body. She looked at him when he placed his hands on her hip, adjusting her body until her pilsing core was above his erection. A gasp escaped from her lips when Grant entered her. Her fingers scratching his back. They started moving together intro they find their rythm. Her lip collide with his, more close than ever into they get to the orgasm in a same way. She collaspe with him at the same moment, their arms wrapped around each other.

« - It's not cooking that makes a place feel like home, you know.
- What is then ?
- Us. »

He kissed her, and, one more time she felt in peace.
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I like mornings better, if my mornings start with you
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